Bay Area Book Festival

Bay Area Book Festival

Have you ever been in a conversation with other people where words and ideas flowed easily among you, insight triggering insight?  This was the case with Faith Adiele, Elmaz Abinader, and me at our public event at the Bay Area Book Festival on Saturday. An exceptional panel on race, memory, history, and the American land that I keep replaying in my mind!

Huge thanks to Elmaz, Faith, the organizers of this grand book fest, including Cherilyn Parsons, Melissa Mytinger, Helena Brantley, Stephen Sparks of Green Apple Books in San Francisco, and colleagues at Counterpoint Press.

Johnnie Burrell, executive producer of, videotaped ours and other panels for the Bay Area Book Festival. It’s wonderful to see our conversation again! It was inspiring to share thoughts and words with Elmaz and Faith!

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