November 10 — Trace Launches!

November 10 — Trace Launches!

My new book Trace: Memory, History, Race, and the American Landscape officially goes out into the world on November 10th.

The Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, MA, is hosting the launch party and my first reading that evening.  To say that I am both nervous and excited is an understatement.  The advance praise received to date—from Kirkus Review, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Vulture and New York Magazine, as well as from many respected authors and booksellers—has left me amazed. I’m honored that my words are touching readers.

One irony isn’t lost on me.  Berkeley, California, is my birthplace.  Now Counterpoint Press has published the book that I’ve been coming to all my life just blocks from the hospital where I was born.

“Every landscape is an accumulation,” one epigraph reads.  “Life must be lived amidst that which was made before.” I invite you to join me as I search for the presence of the past in this land and in a life.  Please visit the book’s new website at for stories that cross this continent and time.

Header photo of Odyssey Bookshop by John Phelan, CC BY-SA 3.0.


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